[LAU] orchestra mixing, reverb, and spatialization

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Feb 10 17:39:11 EST 2009

   I'm no real expert in the field, but I did a few experiments in 3D sound, 
using headphones and reverbaration. If you're not afriad of text-applications, 
you could use csound. Or possible clm(I don't know if they have the same 
capabilities, but I'd strongly guess so).
   Csound has an opcode to design a simple four wall, floor, ceiling room, in 
which you can position sounds (in real 3D). The realism of the sound of course 
depends on your output setup (headphones, 8 speaker cube). But with my last 
piece, I found, that the csound way gave a nice realastic ambience to my 
   If you're not so keen on 3D sound and 3D positioning, you could of course 
look for a nice IR (impulse response) and use jconv or its graphical mate. 
These natural reverbs sound very nice and clean. They don't have the grainy 
   If you're interested in the results of csound's spat3d opcode you might look 
(first 3 minutes, big room, with 9 placed sources)
(small band in a smaller room, nice ambience
   I can't verify the URLs right now, the server seems to have a small 
downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.
   Kindest regards

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