[LAU] NtEd

ethan a young ethan.y.us at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 23:51:42 EST 2009


I am posting in favorable comment of the notation editor, NtEd.  It has 
a very straightforward and simple yet powerful interface.  It seems very 
well-designed, and has been much more stable than the alternatives on 
both my Ubuntu and 64studio systems.

I come from a background with Windows Encore version 4.5, which I still 
run through Wine.  However, I would like to switch to to a native Linux 
program.  I've tried MuseScore, which seems powerful, but is complicated 
and has remained buggy on my system, including crashes and several 
compilation errors.  Canorus seems promising, too, but does not seem to 
be as far along or moving as fast in development as NtEd.

For the record, I am notating the following types of pieces:
1. four-part SATB
2. piano pieces
3. jazz lead sheets
4. small instrumental ensemble music

What has other's experiences been so far with these new and developing 


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