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Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Wed Feb 11 11:02:07 EST 2009

>>>>> "ethan" == ethan a young <ethan.y.us at gmail.com> writes:

    ethan> What has other's experiences been so far with these new and
    ethan> developing programs?

I use lilypond and have used ABC in the past.  You can use rosegarden
or musescore as a frontend to lilypond, but I haven't been very
successful doing it.  I have an emacs program that takes MIDI keyboard
input and puts lilypond notes in the buffer, and I can use
point-and-click on the xpdf screen to get back to my emacs buffer.  

I don't claim that this is as easy to set up as a GUI would be, but
given all the options you want for a full-featured notation editor,
for me anything that works with emacs is easier to use than anything
that doesn't.

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