[LAU] demo song

Tapani Sysimetsä tapani.sysimetsa at rokki.net
Thu Feb 12 17:33:50 EST 2009

Hi folks,

Metsänpeitto is now available for download at Bandcamp (ogg, mp3, FLAC, 

Nuku EP is also there. If you have problems with flash, send me an email.

Two new demo songs called Helvetin rauniot ("Ruins of Hell") and Hyvä 
tuuli ("Good wind") can be listened here:

Again, I used mostly Ardour, Qsynth, ZynAddSubFx and Hydrogen. Guitar 
and bass were recorded directly through a mixer. For vocals and acoustic 
guitar I had Samson Q7 mic covered with a woollen sock. The synth sounds 
of Helvetin rauniot were made with my friend's Roland MC-303 many years 
ago. The drum sample of Hyvä tuuli was made with Freebirth.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. I'm trying to finish a full-length 
album by summer, hopefully.

Metsänpeitto means something like "blanket of forest". In Finnish 
mythology it is a state where one (human or animal) can fall into when 
roaming in the forest. In this state one is not visible to others (or 
appears as a stump or a stone) and one may feel that the forest has 
suddenly become strange, unknown. It is believed that Metsänpeitto is 
caused by goblins (or maahiset). There are several tricks for getting 
out of Metsänpeitto, but some have remained there forever.


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