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Fri Feb 13 02:43:45 EST 2009

For straight scoring, i'm having a good time with Denemo, and with the work
being done lately, with porting, playback, etc.., it's making great

I will put in a good word for Rosegarden here.
Although it's more challenging to display a pseudo score view (select all
tracks, etc,) there's a lot of powerful features in RG, and importantly, it
gives us the fine tune tools needed to really finesse a midi chart after
we've recorded the notation. The latest updates, including the 'Free Segment
positioning' for rapid fire recording is an excellent addition that has
proved highly useful. It's already been expressed by Mike that he'd like to
see a dedicated full score component in RG, so it's on the radar.

So given the modular nature of linux that we enjoy, i think we're well
served for tools to use, and here in the desperately modest Parchment
Studios, RG has an important role.

I'm also fond of Musescore, but i do have challenges with the odd crash, the
RTC timer demands (might be worth changing this to an RG setup, with a
choice of timing weapons), and the fact it won't play nicely in my little
laptop (Hardy PPC) when i'm on the move. But given the rapid progress being
made in this app, i can see it being a big part of notational nirvana in the
near future, so this is one to look forward to as well.
I use it when i'm home, and it works ok.

2 roubles worth,


On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 9:30 AM, David Baron <d_baron at 012.net.il> wrote:

> On Thursday 12 February 2009 23:28:39 chris beagles wrote:
> > On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 4:51 AM, ethan a young <ethan.y.us at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > >
> > > I am posting in favorable comment of the notation editor, NtEd.  It has
> > > a very straightforward and simple yet powerful interface.  It seems
> very
> > > well-designed, and has been much more stable than the alternatives on
> > > both my Ubuntu and 64studio systems.
> > >
> > > I come from a background with Windows Encore version 4.5, which I still
> > > run through Wine.  However, I would like to switch to to a native Linux
> > > program.  I've tried MuseScore, which seems powerful, but is
> complicated
> > > and has remained buggy on my system, including crashes and several
> > > compilation errors.  Canorus seems promising, too, but does not seem to
> > > be as far along or moving as fast in development as NtEd.
> > >
> > > For the record, I am notating the following types of pieces:
> > > 1. four-part SATB
> > > 2. piano pieces
> > > 3. jazz lead sheets
> > > 4. small instrumental ensemble music
> > >
> > > What has other's experiences been so far with these new and developing
> > > programs?
> >
> > I'm a massive fan of Musescore, it has replaced Sibelius for all my
> > notational needs.
> I love this program as well. Certain stability issues still plague it and
> many
> of the best features are "hidden" behind keyboard sequences.
> >
> > Nted and Canorus seem very stable but not to my personal taste.
> Nted is, as said, well maintained and frequently upgraded. The author was
> tremendously cooperative in fixing Hebrew text issues and updating the text
> capabilities to "standard". Not as pretty as mscore but becoming quite good
> Canorus is the "other" noteedit successor has a long long way to go.
> Noteedit
> is no longer maintained by is (not cited as such!) an excellent front end
> for
> mup. Noteedit gets the job done while mscore will crash and nted may lack a
> certain feature (as of last download).
> >
> > And using Rosegarden for notation (which I haven't done for a very
> > long time so may be completely wrong here) I found very cumbersome.
> Very very cumbersome. Good for display only.
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