[LAU] Hydrogen 0.9.4 beta3 released

Salvatore Di Pietro salvuz_78 at virgilio.it
Fri Feb 13 12:45:50 EST 2009

Sebastian Moors wrote:
> Hi,
> i just wanted to let you know that we released a third beta version of 
> hydrogen 0.9.4 last week.
> This version is said to be very stable in comparison to prior versions, 
> so we would like to get some feedback from
> interested users :)

It segfaults at startup, right after the splash screen on Slackware 
12.1, jack 0.116.1, qt4.4.3, taking jack away with it... :(
When it doesn't crash (rare, and I have to start it on its own, without 
jack running, making hydrogen start jackd itself), it runs pretty well, 
but the intruments panel is garbled...

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