[LAU] Remove generic ALSA driver before compiling new one?

Florian Hollerweger flo at mur.at
Sun Feb 15 14:58:33 EST 2009

Hi Dave,

Dave Phillips wrote:
> When you built ALSA did you set the prefix option, i.e. :
>    ./configure --prefix=/usr
> If not, you might have two ALSA installations on your system now, one in 
> the /usr hierarchy and one in /usr/local.

Ah, the famous --prefix=/usr! No, of course I hadn't applied that.

> Rebuild with the correct option and reinstall, let us know if that works.

Since I have - duh! - purged the respective kernel since, I cannot do a 
rebuild. Sorry, I should have kept it around for testing this out. But 
thanks for the hint, it sounds reasonable to me that that's what caused 
the problem. I will probably compile my own ALSA driver on another 
generic Debian kernel soon and report the results here.


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