[LAU] Bpm detection/quantize

Roger E gurusonic at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 19:23:10 EST 2009

>> This is really an argument about semantics. Surely it's easier to
>> more clearly define what you mean by good music...
> But we all agree that there are such things as good music and bad music
> do we?
>> ...than it is to
>> fight over who best embodies the meaning of the original word which
>> is by now utterly bastardised. There are many different factors that
>> contribute to a person deciding that a given piece of music is good.
> Of course there is a lot of subjectivity in this. I dislike a lot of
> music personally and still accept, that this music is good. But there is
>  really bad music also and even though, many people may "like" bad music
> the world would be a better place without such music.
> But of course nobody shall dictate, what music is allowed to exist and
> which is not because of badness. But the same as I believe, everybody
> must be allowed to make and hear bad music I demand the right to call
> music bad, if I have reasons to do so....
I suggest we mandate a licence of competency before allowing a recording 
to be played on the radio. The "pop" charts are very mediocre lately. 
Then I guess a lot of people have mediocre taste in music. Sometimes I 
hear a song and regret it's illegal to shoot people in the head. :)
>> If you want to exclude any of them then you should define those
>> exclusions from the outset, if only to avoid the controversy that
>> will arise as a result of that omission.
> Yeah - standards, what standards shall we have for music? You are right:
> It is easier to define, what is good: the complexity and deepness of
> Bach, Wagner or Thelonius Monk is obvious. The craft and intelligence of
> Tom Waits or PJ Harvey is plain to see also.
> But how can we define badness? Primitivity? No: listen to the first
> album of the Stooges or to the Ramones or to Suicide - complexity is not
> a must-have.
> Stupidity? Yes: stupid stuff is bad stuff, but what is stupid?
> I guess, I could prove the stupidity of the average
> gregorian-chant-dance-beat-CD but it is late now, I need to sleep and
> nobody would read an elaboration on this that would take 4-5 h to write
> and 20min to read....
Also I love Bach, Wagner, Thelonius Monk, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and The 
Stooges, The Ramones and Suicide

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