[LAU] 24-bit files and hisss.... GOT IT

Bearcat M. Şandor hometheater at feline-soul.com
Sun Feb 15 20:45:58 EST 2009

in my asound.conf i added a pcm.dmixer and added these options:
rate 96000
channels 6
Then i added a pcm.!default pcm.dmixer line.

Now they play!  What's even better is that i actually seems to be 
*upsampling*!  Regular old 16/44.1 flac files have a lot more detail. 
Listening to them with the dmixer set up that way i can hear performers 
breathing.  It's not a subtle difference.  I asked my partner to come into the 
room and listen (with out telling her what i was switching off/on and she said 
"Wow! That one sounds so much more alive!"  This is something that is  
normally reserved for multi-thousand dollar cd players and i'm doing it for 
nothing! I love you Alsa!

My avi movie files loose sound when i have the pcm.dmixer on, but big deal. i 
can just uncomment that default line and save the file. I've got the file open 
via screen+emacs so no big deal.

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