[LAU] first recording effort, ardour and my new guitar

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Feb 16 07:22:16 EST 2009

Loki Davison wrote:
> despite the technical difficulties outlined in the other email some
> recording did occur. It's a cheesy love song inspired by recent
> events, some lyrics hopeful/prophetic/fictitious ;) Please tell me
> what you think. I really need singing lessons....
Hi Loki,

I'd say you just need more practice doing it. You can't be shy about 
singing, it requires courage and bold intent. :)  I tell my students to 
not worry about the quality of their voices, just sing with presence and 
full committment to the song.

Overall the song is fine, but the recording needs more love. The vocal 
should be more out front, the guitars could be better balanced, and some 
global effects might not be out of place (my vote's in for the CAPS 
plate reverb, of course). Compression and some EQ might help the 
recording as-is, but frankly I'd redo it and be more attentive to the 

Just my two pesetas, HTH.



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