[LAU] OT interference / grounding problems

pete shorthose zenadsl6252 at zen.co.uk
Tue Feb 17 23:04:57 EST 2009

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 21:02:02 -0500
carmen <_ at whats-your.name> wrote:

> > It may just be that it took the introduction of better quality gear for me to hear the effects above the usual
> > din but then these static like snapping noises are very distinct. 
> the suggested ground topology is a star or radial shape,
> path to ground from each device is never thru another device, and potentials are as similar as possible

I have an approximate radial setup but the mixer would be the hub. Thing is and as I said, I've tried to
use some of these things in isolation. (only the zoom H4 or only the mixer, both have integral monitoring so
no need for an amp or pc) but I still see it. (well, hear it)

> do you have a metal radiator pipe? or barring that a 3 prong wiring?

Ah, moved the radiator recently. I could run a cable tho. 

> are you using 2-pronged gear or 3? it may be that your house ground is not properly grounded (bad)

well AFAIK, the house is grounded and being in the UK the sockets are all 3 pronged. that said, I'm pretty sure
that non of them use the 3rd prong. (plastic tab instead of a metal prong or 2 core flat cables)

> or strong induced currents from close 60hz mains cabling (perhaps even 120v is enough at a close distance)
> i use alligator-clipp terminated cables, to grip onto the metal box around a USB port,
> then hook that to the negative battery terminal of my amp. then tap this wire and connect to the radiator pipe
>  (shuts shit up pretty good).........

Cool, ty. I'll try a few things. I'll also say goodbye now in case I'm found dead tomorrow with a spectacular new


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