[LAU] Bpm detection/quantize

Lee Revell rlrevell at joe-job.com
Tue Feb 17 23:15:43 EST 2009

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 6:10 PM, Fons Adriaensen <fons at kokkinizita.net> wrote:
> 'Good' automatic accompaniment will require more than
> the computer's ability to listen combined with some
> condensed programmed knowledge of musical structure
> and performance praxis.
> By 'good' I mean that the computer should be able to
> do it as expected, and without requiring specific
> instructions for each particular case.
> I suspect it would require 'training' of the same
> form that a musician capable of the same would go
> through.
> Now if such ability is the result of training, can
> it be called either 'manufactured' or 'simulated' ?
> If yes, should we humans consider ourselves as being
> manufactured or simulating ?

If you've access to a Windows or Mac, I'd be interested to know what
you think of this software:


It uses a neural-net algorithm, derived from neurological research on
how the brain perceives tempo.  I've tried it and was quite impressed.


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