[LAU] Debian Lenny make-kpkg compiling probs...

Florian Hollerweger flo at mur.at
Wed Feb 18 06:19:53 EST 2009


I am not sure if this helps you, but I successfully compiled a 
vanilla kernel (from kernel.org) patched with three days ago.

The .config I took from my generic Debian 2.6.26-1-686 kernel (the 
current lenny standard kernel), which I then edited with 'make 
menuconfig' to include the necessary options as specified in the 
rt-patch howto.

I did not bother about 'make oldconfig', and it seems I got away with 
it, but not knowing where _your_ .config came from originally, I am 
guessing that this might be useful for you to try as well?


 > Hi List

 > I'm on the "compile yourself a kernel track" once again. Last time I ran
 > out of luck, but now after Debian Lenny became official stable I'd 
 > I'll give it one more try, but I'm running into problem when it comes to
 > buil the kernel with the make-kpkg tool after loading in the  old saved
 > .config with menuconfig and rt adjustments done, the following error
message comes up:

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