[LAU] Updating without cvs or svn

ben brouits at free.fr
Fri Feb 20 16:43:00 EST 2009

alex stone a écrit :
> A quick question.
> Is it possible to simply download (Save as..., for instance) from an up
> to date cvs or svn build, to an isolated download file, then transfer
> the files to my usb stick, without using CVS or SVN to do so?
> I've got most things re-installed, but a couple of apps, and updates
> that have been highly useful for me, are only available at the
> moment through CVS, SVN, or Git.
> Alex.
some projects have browsable git through http with a link such as
"snapshot [tar.gz]" which gives you a tarball of the browsed branch.
this may be what you need... but not all projects have such a feature.

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