[LAU] Hammersound: no soundfonts ?

Dan Muresan danmbox at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 06:10:09 EST 2009

To clarify, I used the freepats Debian/Ubuntu package...

> Freepats project is currently trying to build soundfonts in sf2 format
> and better quality samples. It is a harder task than expected, as most
> free sf2 files are build from samples extracted from commercial synths

Wait... Freepats is trying to be "build soundfonts in sf2 format" out
of... free sf2 files? What is the added value?

Anyway, how will this stack up against the Fluid soundfont, which is
also widely included in Linux distributions?

> Note that the freepats web is outdated, most announcements are made in
> the mailing list.

I noticed... If at least there was a notice to that effect it wouldn't
be so confusing...

-- Dan

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