[LAU] Recording accoustic guitar and string noise

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Tue Feb 24 16:26:14 EST 2009

Den Tuesday 24 February 2009 02:16:20 skrev lanas:
> filter in Ardour) to use, that is, if it's worth a try.  I use a
> M-Audio microphone, which might not be the best, but then I'd need some
> convincing to believe that a top quality mic would actually do
> something concerning this.  Perhaps better focus on the sound source.

A cheap mic may or may not sound good for your guitar and bad for others, you 
have to let your ear decide it.

Two often recommended ways to record acoustic guitars is:
1: place the mic around the 12th fret (or where the neck meets the body). Your 
left hand will almost certainly make noise with this method :-) or...
2: Place the mic near the bridge (somwhere between the hole and bridge) and do 
some testing from there.

It's one more way: Try to record from your right shoulder (if you mic can 
catch the sound) down to the guitar, that may do the trick.

A top quality mic might give good results on your guitar, but you can not be 
100% sure. I don't know your mic, but it's also possible that it records your 
fingers better than sounds from other frequencies. 

The bottom line is that you have to test whats best for you and how it will 
sound i a mix. The suggestions above is not uncommon and a quite good start, 
but a google will give you loads of info on this subject. Many people do some 
heavy EQing too, so it's many possibilities. 

Good luck, hope it helps.


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