[LAU] [ANN] Invada Studio Plugins 0.3.0

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Wed Feb 25 11:12:46 EST 2009

On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 19:00 +1100, Fraser wrote:
> I've released a new version of the Invada Studio plugins which are a bit cleaner and fix an issue with gains at maximum not working as
> expected. The source now includes the necessary files to allow for deb packages to be built. See the README for details.
> (I'm fairly new to packaging so let me know if there are any issues.)


I've been enjoying your compressor and the early reflection plugin. I'm
using them quite extensively in a recent production. This makes me a bit
wary about updating. Can you elaborate on what effect the changes will
have? Will updating screw up my levels?

Thanks for the great work. And thanks for posting a new release as it
gives me a good opportunity to thank you :)


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