[LAU] jconv, linuxsampler, and ingen

Fons Adriaensen fons at kokkinizita.net
Sat Feb 28 07:12:59 EST 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 02:14:36PM +0300, alex stone wrote:

> Can i open jconv and linuxsampler in Ingen as either plugins, or
> 'recognised' apps? I'm not sure of the means of inserting command line apps
> in Ingen, so it may already be possible.

Both are jack apps, don't know if Ingen has as
concept of 'jack-plugins'...

This looks like a session manager job really.
Regarding LASH support for my apps, this will
be included as soon as either (in order of

1. The LASH protocol is converted to OSC.
allowing clients to use it without using
any dedicated library. It is already very
close to OSC so the effort should be minimal.

2. Or the LASH library is split up into
two, one that encodes/decodes the protocol
messages without any system interaction,
and one that transmits and receives them,
allowing me to use only the first.

If LASH goes the dbus way I will not use it.



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