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Bill Allen bill at k2bea.org
Wed Jul 1 20:30:28 EDT 2009

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 10:08 PM, Bill Allen <bill at k2bea.org> wrote:

> Here are a couple of new songs that I've done recently with Ardour,
> Hydrogen, ZynAddSubFX, AMS, and some ladspa plugins. They are pretty
> different from each other so if you don't like the first try the other :)
> http://www.k2bea.org/Home/The_Tree_of_Life.ogg
> http://www.k2bea.org/Home/Reflections-Apples-low.ogg
> Best regards,
> Bill
I would love to get some feedback on these tunes, particularly mix and
recording since these are my first fully done with lau tools. I understand
that nobody has any obligation, but if you've got the cycles to listen, let
me know what I can do better.

One part that I wonder about is the mix of the soprano sax in Tree of Life.
At times it seems a little harsh. It was recorded with a not so great mic,
which might account for some of that, but I'm wondering about techniques for
mixing sax. At any rate, enjoy.
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