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Thu Jul 2 22:55:40 EDT 2009


Though I haven't worked with the Delta 1010LT, all I know is that is very
compatible with linux.

But you must first think if it's what you really need.

If you are an solo artist, making music on your own (maybe electronic),
recording only one or two tracks at a time, the Delta 1010LT with it's 10
ins and outs is something you wont need, but something you will need if you
want to do a semi-pro studio for recording other artists and bands.

If you may need to use your interface in different computers an USB is for
you as it works out of the box in almost any computer, at least the M-Audio
Fast Track Pro I use does. Also, you can get linux audio to work on an old
laptop or a not so old netbook that doesn't have firewire, but an USB
interface would do.

I was today in a conference about M-audio's products (by the way, expect
none support with Linux from them!) and they were talking about how to build
a decent home studio, and the first thing you have to think about is, what
are you going to do.

Also they mentioned what differences the different kinds of interfaces (USB,
Firewire, PCI) and it's all about the transfer rate. Being USB 1.1 being the
slower, the comes Firewire, USB 2.0, Firewire 800 and PCI being the fastest.
And so, the higher the transfer rate the higher the numbers of channels a
interface can handle with a decent cuality.

Correct me if I'm wrong about this data.

Well, enough of my senseless chat, if anything else I can help you, just
tell me.


> Thanks Nicanor for your input.
> Indeed, i would like also something working out of the box with Linux. As i
> prefer take my time to learn how to make music under Linux rather to get
> crazy getting my audio interface running.
> My first choose was to get a portable audio interface, so that i can easily
> move it around and if necessary using it on different boxes. As firewire is
> by design quicker than USB2, i thought it's the best choose.
> I did some search on the Roland product, and the FA-101 looks very very
> nice. In addition it's made in Japan, which is for me a gage of quality. But
> it's of course quick expensive...
> In another hand, i wonder if a PCI card like the M-Audio Delta 1010LT,
> won't be a better choose for starting ...
> What do you think?
> Thank you all for your guidance :-)
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