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Bill Allen bill at k2bea.org
Fri Jul 3 09:56:03 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Norval Watson <norv2001 at yahoo.com.au>wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> I had a quick listen to both your tunes..
> Both seem well recorded but there are a couple of audible click/pops which
> are distracting. The vocal parts in Reflections are not real tight in term
> of timing and might benefit from some compression. I don't like the bridge
> in Tree but I like the bridge in Reflections. Maybe you could get that sax
> back to split the lead break in Reflections? And maybe some delay on the
> gtar?
> Norv
>> http://www.k2bea.org/Home/The_Tree_of_Life.ogg
>> http://www.k2bea.org/Home/Reflections-Apples-low.ogg
> Thanks for the comments. Your right about the vocals. I was attempting a
sort of loose feeling, as in a couple of drunks singing together, but I
think it's overdone. That's a great idea about the sax in Reflections. I'm
thinking of tenor instead of soprano, though.

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