[LAU] Delta 1010LT and envy24control

R.Wolff musicwolf at web.de
Sat Jul 4 05:36:16 EDT 2009

Edit: Been sending this to Norval instead of to the list, so here
it is once again. This gets me so often, the reply mode to ml's.
Why doesn't it reply to the lists as default?

Well, I'm a long time lurker, rare poster Norval.
And you definitely are one of those that generally know what they're
talking about. And I have forgotten/accidentally omitted a large number
of capable guys in the list. Mea Culpa. It's not been 'cause of my evilness.


Raphael ;)

On 04.07.2009 03:10, Norval Watson wrote:
>> But there are people on this list (Fons, Paul Davis, Norval, Dave Phillips, Ken
>> Restivo and many, many others) which can surely give you better replies and/or
>> scientific explanations on the subject.
> I'm very flattered - gobsmacked even - to be included in such illustrious company, but it's like including me in the leading team for the Tour de France - I'm not quite ready yet!
> Thanks for making my day :)
> Norv

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It doesn't work if it's not open."

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