[LAU] Denemo 0.8.6 release - Music Notation Editor

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Jul 5 10:45:01 EDT 2009

I eagerly downloaded and compiled this. This version defaults jack to off so I 
did not get the missing libjack.la error. Tried to run it.

1. Cannot import noteedit's MIDI or Lilypond files. If it were just one of the 
formats, I would suspect noteedit--I know that sometimes the Lilypond files 
cite errors (but still print). However, this is the same crash out it both 
cases so I suspect problem in denemo.

2. It wants timidity. If I start that up (I use it with jack), denemo will 
kill it. One of the errors, with or without timidity running on starting 
denemo is "no default output device." I really do not want to use timidity. 
Let me just play to my soundcard which is a simple mpu401 output.

3. If I select MIDI input, I can get one (count 'em) note in. Using the mouse, 
I would like drag or click like in all the other programs. It seems I need to 
click on the staff line, then click on the toolbar to select a note. Never 
write any music that way. I'll go back to the site and see what all the modes 
mean. There should be one MIDI setup dialog to select input and output devices 
should I want them. Once active, they should simply play.

4. For what would denemo require jack? Jackmidi support is OK. I usually need 
to use a2jmidi_bridge rather than -X with some programs but that also works.

5. Does denemo attempt pitch detection and conversion. Why else would there be 
an audio input option. I have never had such great results with this stuff and 
I put down good money on windows programs claiming to do so. Joe Kohler's at 
least addresses the issue of timing--how to get meaningful, scorable MIDI. But 
promises of good polyphonic detection are very ambitious. Anyway, if I can 
compile with jack, then let me choose my tools and use jack in the way it was 

So far ... still stuck with noteedit. If only frescobaldi would not segfault, 
I could edit lilypond files there.

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