[LAU] Denemo 0.8.6 release - Music Notation Editor, more

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Jul 5 12:53:16 EDT 2009

I compiled it successfully for jack. Thanks for fixing this!

Now I can select "external" MIDI input and play in a series of notes. They 
come in two at a time and this is latency. Does not make much sense. I cannot 
play chords into the program.

KB interface -> a2jmidi_bridge (alsa pane)

a2jmidi_bridge -> denemo (midi pane)

The denemo "device" only appears after selecting external MIDI and then one 
must connect it. This makes little sense.

I tried to play back:

Started timidity.

Connected timidy -> system. (audio pane)

There was no denemo "output device" presented on the midi or alsa panes.

Did not playback with F5. Timidity may not be correctly configured in the 
script I used to start it (it worked a long time ago) so maybe not denemo's 
problem right now. However, a "silent" playback with the cursor following the 
notes might have been expected anyway. As I said, a direct alsa playback to 
the sound generator would take far less cpu than timidity and work better.

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