[LAU] Tascam US122L/SB Live on Ubuntu 8.10

Paul Neaveill boycotthell2005 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 5 17:16:15 EDT 2009

Thanks to Justin (HT to Justin), I got my SB Live machine going. That is half of the problem. Still, but not the one with the US122L/ Soundblaster Live! card (wife's). This is the one that has been the problem for a long time.

Been attempting to follow these directions here and must be missing something: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TASCAM_US-122   getting stopped in my tracks at step 7 with a


If you get a message like "No USX2Y-compatible cards found", do the following:

 sudo ln -s /usr/share/alsa/firmware/usx2yloader /lib/firmware/usx2yloader</quote><code>

root at studio:~# sudo ln -s /usr/share/alsa/firmware/usx2yloader/lib/firmware/usx2yloader
root at studio:~# sudo usx2yloader
usx2yloader: no US-X2Y-compatible cards found


Caveat: The power/USB light and the MIDI in lights are on.

Thanks in advance

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