[LAU] (re)introducing myself

Aaron Johnson aaron at akjmusic.com
Mon Jul 6 13:21:27 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I've been in and out of these lists, maybe posting a couple of times, but I
wanted to just give a shout out to you all.

Briefly, I am a pianist/organist/synthesist/composer, and have been using
Linux since the old days of 1997, when the only real distro out there worth
installing was Slackware!!!! I've been a Linux addict since, currently I've
settled on Arch Linux, I've done all the major brances except RedHat/Fedora
in my 12 years as a Linux geek since it's simplicity, modularity, stability
and high performance seem to meet well with my audio needs....

ALL of the music I've written was either produced/recorded or synthesized on
a Linux system using all free software, check it out at

I also started a microtonal music series, here in Chicagoland (Evanston, IL
is where I live), it's a big passion of mine, check that out at

That's all for now...but I'll be back to make an announcement of a pending
software release....


Aaron Krister Johnson
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