[LAU] Quite an unusual project for me

Folderol folderol at ukfsn.org
Wed Jul 8 18:26:59 EDT 2009

Over on the kara-moon website there is a quarterly review where a theme
is set and we develop ideas based on that, and what comments we get
from participants.

The spring theme was 'time' and I produced a quite short tune that I
thought reflected this quite well. However, I was working on some other
unrelated snippets at the time, some of which seemed to fit. Instead of
just one tune, I ended up creating a suite of five tunes!

These are:
The Clockmakers Workshop (the master of time)
Working For The Machine (a slave of time)
A Music Box Ballerina (frozen in time)
The Clockmakers Apprentice (time thief)
Dreams Of A Grandfather Clock (outside time)

The suggestion has been made that I should find an animator who would
like to create a video based on this. I rather like the idea but have
no idea where to place such an enquiry. Ideas welcome.

The suite is on my website at:

It is just over 11 minutes long.

Will J Godfrey

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