[LAU] Auto-Wah and Clav... not quite

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Wed Jul 8 22:24:20 EDT 2009

For several years I've lusted away over the Clavinet-through-Auto-Wah sound: the Stevie Wonder sound (also used notably by Herbie Hancock, Medeski, Martin and Wood, and others).

The problem is that either the LADSPA auto-wah plugin doesn't quite cut it, or the Clav soundfont I found on Hammersound several years ago doesn't have enough dynamic range to really make the thing "wah" in any noticeable way.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is the plugin not quite the best implementation, and if so, are there any better ones? Likewise with Clavinet soundfonts too.


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