[LAU] Wine + Firefox + Flash == No Audio with ALSA

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Fri Jul 10 15:03:14 EDT 2009

I've successfully gotten Firefox to run on Wine with Adobe Flash (presumably so that I can actually see people's websites, and listen to their music. Sheesh.). This is on a 32-bit system.

But no sound. WineCfg seems to think that the only drivers available are dmix, but I don't have dmix configured, or running, and I do NOT want dmix at all!


I use this system for JACK audio, so I don't want crap mixing happening in ALSA adding latency. I'm fine with shutting down JACK in order to surf on Windoze, for those times when I actually need it. I do NOT want to have to run a soundserver like ESD, which is what a lot of the advice on Das Internets seems to say to do.

So I want Wine/Firefox to just use the direct access to the ALSA card.

My .asoundrc is empty, which is kind of how I like it.

In Googling around, I found advice to add this to my .asoundrc:

pcm.dmix0 {      type plug      slave.pcm "hw:0,0" }

Seems like it'd be a neat way to force Wine to do what I want, without having to do what it wants. I tried it, though, and nothing.


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