[LAU] Getting Qsynth to work with JACK on Debian Lenny

Peder Hedlund peder at musikhuset.org
Sun Jul 12 19:20:35 EDT 2009

Quoting Peder Hedlund <peder at musikhuset.org>:

> Quoting david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com>:
>> 1. Start JACK.
>> 2. Start QSynth.
>> 3. Connect QSynth to System output.
>> 4. Connect my MIDI player to Qsynth.
>> 5. Play MIDI - it works fine.
>> He does the same thing, and gets no sound whatsoever. But if he tells
>> QSynth to use ALSA or OSS, it works fine ...
> I assume he's got a patch loaded in QSynth and volumes are well ajusted.
> In that case it sounds like he's either missing out in step 3 or 4, as
> in "MIDI info from the keyboard is not sent to QSynth" or "Output from
> QSynth is not sent to the soundcard". The easiest way to check is to
> use QJackCtl and check the Connect button.
> It could also be that he's using the wrong Jack MIDI driver, check
> QJackCtl's Setup button and test different MIDI Drivers.

It could also be that QSynth is set to listen to, say, MIDI channel 1  
and his keyboard speaks on channel 2...

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