[LAU] Short reminder...

Jacob jacob01 at gmx.net
Wed Jul 15 19:30:26 EDT 2009

Hi Julien,

Julien Claassen schrieb:
> Hello!
>    How many MB of .wavs can I burn into an audio-cd? 700MB for an 80min disk or 
> 800MB for an 80min disk? To be clear I speak of MB in .wav files, where the CD 
> will be a CDDA.
>    Thanks for any good answer.
>    Best,
>           Julien
If your WAV is CDDA compatible (44100Khz, 16bit, stereo, PCM), the audio
data of a file with around 807MiB (~846MB, 846720000 Byte) will fit into
80 min of (CDDA) audio.

The "700MiB" is the limit for (CD-ROM) data file storage (more error
correction -> less space).



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