[LAU] PHASEX-0.12.0-beta3

William Weston weston at sysex.net
Thu Jul 16 03:52:32 EDT 2009

Announcing the new public beta release of phasex!  All phasex users 
are encouraged to upgrade.  Since the days of 0.11.1, all known bugs 
and many annoying quirks have been worked out, making 
PHASEX-0.12.0-beta3 is the most stable, best sounding, and most 
studio friendly release yet:

* Fixed all currently known crash issues and build issues. Code has 
been updated for newer versions of gcc, gtk, and glibc.  Realtime 
threading issues have been fine-tined, using realtime locks where 
appropriate.  The build system has been fixed up for newer 
distributions and includes default optimizations for the entire x86 
family (run './configure --enable-arch=foo', where foo is an 
architecture supported by your version of gcc).

* Sound quality has been greatly refined by reshaping envelope 
curves (eliminating pops and clicks), adding hermite interpolation 
to the chorus (removing fuzziness from chorus), adding fine tuning 
to oscillator frequencies and FM amounts, adding sampled oscillators 
(currently with Juno-106 and vocal samples), fixing portamento 
and key triggering logic, and more.

* The JACK code has been reworked to allow multiple instances with 
persistent instance numbers and resilience to JACK crashes and 

* The GUI has been refined slightly, with a new color scheme, patch 
folders in the file dialog shortcuts list, and a couple slight 
optimizations to the knob code.

* There's more.  See http://sysex.net/phasex/beta for details if 
you're that curious.

Since 0.12.0-beta2, fixes have been implented for GTK >= 2.16 
(fixing Fedora 11 builds), the max polyphony has been turned into a 
runtime configurable setting, and the build system and default 
architecture specific optimizations have been fixed up some more.

Source tarball and arch specific Fedora 11 RPMS are now available 
for download:


Build reports and bug reports, and package build files for all 
distributions are highly welcome.  This is the final beta for 
0.12.0.  Any build and crash issues reported in the next two weeks 
will be fixed for the 0.12.0 stable release.  Please direct any 
feedback to weston at sysex.net.

The latest version of phasex can always be found at:


For those of you who use git:

git clone http://sysex.net/git/phasex.git

Thank you all for your support, feedback, and contributions over the 
years, helping to make PHASEX what it is today.

Happy music making!

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