[LAU] Heads Up! ZynAddSubFX (Ubuntu Compile instructions)

Carlo Capocasa theman at carlocapocasa.com
Thu Jul 16 16:39:51 EDT 2009


Here are the compile instructions for UbuntuStudio Jaunty (should work 
for any other recent Ubuntu).

wget http://zynaddsubfx.sf.net/ZynAddSubFX-2.4.0_pre_release.tar.bz2
tar -xvjf ZynAddSubFX-2.4.0_pre_release.tar.bz2
cd ZynAddSubFX-2.4.0/src
sudo apt-get install build-essential fluid libmxml-dev libfftw3-dev

To run, go to the same directory and run


Have fun! Carlo

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