[LAU] eeepc 4G and ALSA underrun

ben brouits at free.fr
Sat Jul 18 20:11:26 EDT 2009

i own an eeepc 4G (701) but ALSA makes a lot for underrun withe de Intel 
soundcard (snd_hda_intel). Surprisingly, using the OSS emulation works 
better. I don't think it is a question of CPU load (900Mhz) but rather a 
problem of IRQ of the sound chip. Is it possible to tell to 
snd_hda_intel to force the useof the soundecard in a better IRQ ?
Here is my /proc/interrputs for intel by defa
16:      56715   IO-APIC-fasteoi   uhci_hcd:usb4, HDA Intel, 
i915 at pci:0000:00:02.0

my kernel is :
2.6.28-12-netbook-eeepc #43 SMP Mon Apr 27 16:06:05 MDT 2009 i686
thanks if you have any advice on putting something in modprobe.conf
to get more priority to sound.
- ben

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