[LAU] New Music

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Jul 22 07:52:52 EDT 2009

Bill Allen wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 5:51 PM, Folderol <folderol at ukfsn.org
> <mailto:folderol at ukfsn.org>> wrote:
>     On Sun, 28 Jun 2009 22:08:06 -0400
>     Bill Allen <bill at k2bea.org <mailto:bill at k2bea.org>> wrote:
>     > Here are a couple of new songs that I've done recently with Ardour,
>     > Hydrogen, ZynAddSubFX, AMS, and some ladspa plugins. They are pretty
>     > different from each other so if you don't like the first try the
>     other :)
>     >
>     > http://www.k2bea.org/Home/The_Tree_of_Life.ogg
>     > http://www.k2bea.org/Home/Reflections-Apples-low.ogg
>     >
>     > Best regards,
>     > Bill
>     Tree of life seems rather stiff, and that synthesiesed sax is not at
>     all good - hard to get right at the best of times.
> Thanks for the feedback, but ohhh - that stings. The sax is a real
> soprano sax played by a real human sax player (me). I'm gonna have to
> work on that if it sounds synthesized.

probably because you partly doubled it with a synth, and because it's
mixed very wet. but once i've managed to listen "through" this, i like
the sound. very unobtrusive, which is hard to achieve with a soprano.
and good intonation as well! for my taste, it would be mixed a little
more in front, and dryer.

didn't like the drums, kinda static - my standard advice: go pick a
starving drummer from some burger joint. the 5/4 part is fun, but the
"take five" groove doesn't have room to settle (at this tempo), and so
it sounds quite repetitive to me after a short while. i think i should
try to get rid of some beats, and try to play "over" the bars more, i.e.
not be back on every downbeat.

liked the grinding guitar sound on "apples" (although it does lose
reveal some oddness over headphones), and also the sizzle cymbal. drums
are more "loose", but still mixed too artificially perfect for my taste.
and i really hate how everybody seems to feel obliged to spread the drum
set across the entire sound stage. i've never seen a drummer with arms
longer than a metre, but i've never heard one with less than four...

the vocals are not quite happening. is that yourself singing? if so,
rule of thumb: finish the mix, then raise the vocals by 3 db, walk out,
never listen again. everybody under-mixes their own singing :)
the choir effect is very nice sometimes, but at some points the voices
differ too much in phrasing, and the choir sound falls apart.

thanks for sharing!


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