[LAU] Wah update

Bill Allen bill at k2bea.org
Thu Jul 23 18:21:03 EDT 2009

> that.
> If someone feels like modifying the Moog VCF to make it a Vox/Thomas Wah,
> I'd be eternally grateful. But it's pretty clear I don't have the skills to
> take this over the finish line.

I have been using Fon's Moog VCF as a wah pedal for a while, but to get an
effect that works fully to my ear I also use the Glame Analog bandpass
filter. The two filters are on a Jack-rack with the frequency and the input
gain of the VCF and the center frequency of the bandpass all set to the same
midi CC which I control with a footswitch. The reason for the input gain was
that I found the perceived volume dropped off at the higher ranges of the
wah. This is all linear since as far as I know, Jack-rack can only do
linear. I might try to set this up in AMS which can do log which might sound

Not an auto-wah, but good for guitar wah.
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