[LAU] The Many Ways of Pam Limits...

Jari Suominen jari.suominen at helsinki.fi
Tue Jul 28 05:45:28 EDT 2009

Sampo Savolainen kirjoitti:
> On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 18:24 +0300, Jari Suominen wrote:
>> Somehow the problem fixed itself. At first jack crashed at the command 
>> line to a 'bus error'. But on next run it worked flawlessly. Wonder what 
>> happened there? But it works!
>> But there is still more xruns than when run as sudo. And wonder if the 
>> RT letters at qjackctl should blink?
> Are you sure you're using the same settings for root and yourself? If
> you run qjackctl with sudo, it's probably using the preferences set for
> the root account as opposed to running as yourself with your
> preferences.

sudo seems to be having rt-rio set to 99 (as @audio has) and memlock 
limit as 64 (!) which is 250000 for @audio. So it should have less 
rights than my @audio group!

XRuns might have something to do with wifi, try to set it off to see if 
it helps. My system works somewhat randomyl that it might work smoothyl 
half and hour or more or so and then xruns start to roll once in two 
seconds or something. But it is hard to figure what causes what.

Hmm, now jack also started misbehave again. Sometimes it just works and 
other times not. As the jack crashed to this 'bus error' if it crashes, 
it might have something to do with missing artsshell? Could it just be 
that sound server is somehow buzy and jackd can't get control over it 

Also is there any way of using the patch bay functionability outside the 
qjackctl? That would be sweet, but didn't yet find answer.


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