[LAU] Where is the music made in Linux? (previously LAM etc)

Rob lau at kudla.org
Tue Jul 28 09:05:24 EDT 2009

On Sunday 26 July 2009 05:42 am, Viktor Mastoridis wrote:
> Here, http://dis-dot-dat.net/mailman/listinfo/lam_dis-dot-dat.net
> But there it seems that only one person (Julian) posts his music in the
> last two years.

While it ends abruptly at 2009-07-02, I have 530 posts in the lam.fugal.net 
RSS feed that say differently.  I think people must have moved from the 
mailing list to the blog at some point and no one mentioned it on the 
mailing list.  Now the blog is gone and who knows how many of the URLs in 
the RSS feed are still working, but it was definitely still active.

Whatever solution people come up with, if it's not a mailing list or an RSS 
feed with enclosures, I simply will never hear of most people's music.  


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