[LAU] [OT] ispell and German

Guido Scholz guido.scholz at bayernline.de
Tue Jul 28 15:30:22 EDT 2009

Am Mon, 27. Jul 2009 um 19:09:41 +0200 schrieb Julien Claassen:

> Hello everyone!

Hi Julien,

>    Well this would have been "Hallo zusammen". But maybe it's the same thing 
> with other non-English languages.
>    I have a text in ISO-8859-1 (or whatever), so it's german. I use ispell on 
> this document, but it displays all umaltuts and such as a strange combination 
> of characters. One of them si always a dash "-", so spellchecking is miserable 
> work.

I would like to send you to news:de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc or something
similar for this topic. But anyway, may be

  ispell -C -P -d ngerman -T latin1

or some other option may answer your question.


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