[LAU] nanokontrol and go to start of session

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 01:44:26 EDT 2009

Ronald Stewart wrote:
 > how do I map the mixer to nano control if I dont have middle click?
 > also id I do have middle click how would one do it ie do I hover 
mouse etc.?
 > thanks
 > Thank you

usually the OS can set a two button mouse to emulate a three button 
mouse by sending a middle click when both left and right buttons are 
pushed at the same time - up to recently this was set in xorg.conf, but 
HAL is becoming the new way to do it. On many systems there is a GUI way 
to make this setting.

After setting this up applications just receive the synthetic middle 
click as they would a real one.


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