[LAU] music made with L (russian doom-folk made in berlin)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Jul 30 18:18:07 EDT 2009

Hello Hartmut!
   Well, that's just my liking. I'm a lot into 70s music. You might reduce the 
clean and clinical effect, by adding a bit more room to the lead-track. It 
sounded so close and all overriding. Perhaps even a small volume lowering 
might do some good for a starter, without anything else. In my memory the 
guitar sounds a bit like it is playing too much in the foreground, as if the 
rest was incedental while it goes on. :-) But a more organic feel would still 
be very cozy to have. :-)
   It's all just opinioning away..
   Kindest regards

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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