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Thu Jul 30 18:43:16 EDT 2009

On Tue, 28 Jul 2009 17:28:41 -0700 (PDT)
Norval Watson <norv2001 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> >(rather disappointed that I got
> no comments on 'Clockworks').
> Don't take it personally Will, I think its more to do with the nature of the Internet these days - so many emails, updates, upgrades, new progs to compile, new progs to try, "must see" you tubes to watch etc etc etc!
> Like my bro tells me "sorry mate, I just don't have the bandwidth this week!"
> Give us a link to Clockworks and I guarantee I'll give you a comment :)
> Cheers
> Norv

Hi Norval,

I know exactly what you mean about 'bandwidth' :(

Well after a prolonged 'interesting' time with my 'net connection I
think I'm finally back in business again.

God bless BT - Not!

Clockworks is a suite of five tunes with the common theme 'time'

These are:
The Clockmakers Workshop (the master of time)
Working For The Machine (a slave of time)
A Music Box Ballerina (frozen in time)
The Clockmakers Apprentice (time thief)
Dreams Of A Grandfather Clock (outside time)

The suite is on my website at:

It is just over 11 minutes long.

Will J Godfrey

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