[LAU] AVLinux (Was: a bunch of stuff)

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 01:44:50 EDT 2009

> It's pretty common among servers and sysadmins to leave machines in
> place for a long time and not want to touch them, but I think the
> more on-topic point might be that it accounts for pretty near 0% of
> *music* systems. Linux audio stuff moves fast, and works better with
> rolling releases, so the model used by AVLinux and the other
> audio-specific distros is more appropriate for what we're trying to
> do with them.
> -ken

Yes, that is true, servers and desktops have very different needs.

The Debian Stable releases, such as Lenny, are surely meant for servers 
and such, with much too heavy an emphasis on security and stability for 
our purposes - hence their very long, very careful, release cycle.

If you install Debian as a music system, then Sid - which is the 
rolling, Unstable, up-to-date version - plus suitable multimedia 
repositories - is probably the best flavour to use.

That has been my choice, but there are many other valid and useful 
choices out there - that is the beauty of Free software.


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