[LAU] what is needed to record a live jazz combo?

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Subject: [LAU] what is needed to record a live jazz combo?


I started recently with playing together with a little jazz combo; 
piano, saxophone, voice, bass. We record it sometimes with a H2.

- What do we need (hardware) to record such a 'live/ practice' session 
with Ardour?

- Is it possible to improve the recordings of a H2 using Linux software?



You would need enough microphones and pre-amps for the instruments and drums, and a multi channel audio interface to transfer them to ardour.  Unless you plan on building a home studio, in my opinion, it is much less of a headache to use the H2.  

I used to just do a stereo recording of groups that I play in and teach using a pair of Rode NT5s --> Aphex101 pre-amp --> presonus firebox --> laptop running ardour.  I have since bought a sony PCM D-50 stereo recorder which is a lot easier to deal with.  It is less gear to haul, no need to string cables around.

If you play/rehearse in a good sounding room then the H2 can do the job just fine.  Experiment with placing the H2 in different places in the room.  

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