[LAU] ZynAddSubFx audio jitter, no xruns

Nathanael Anderson wirelessdreamer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 23:33:59 EST 2009

I'm working on setting up a dedicated music box at home, and am running into
a strange issue with ZynAddSubFx, I picked very non aggressive settings
while trying to eliminate the jitter problems . First here is my setup:

Ubuntu 8.10
2.6.29.rc6-rt3 kernel
256 Fraames/Period
Sample Rate 96000
Periods/Buffer 4
Midi Driver: seq
resulting latency 10.7 ms
Maudio Omni i/o with Delta 44 sound card (ice1712 driver)
Maudio Axiom 61 midi keyboard

When I use qsynth with a soundfont loaded in it, there are no xruns, and no
audio jitter.

When I use zynaddsubfx there are NO xruns, but there is audio jitter. I
thought I saw news on the list of a new release of zynaddsubfx, but the last
update on their sourceforge site was in 2005. Anyone on the list ever see
this behavior from zynadsubfx.
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