[LAU] Live ChucK-gig in Copenhagen

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 03:02:21 EST 2009

Grammostola Rosea wrote:

> Nice stuff Atte!


> Are you doing this as your job, making music and giving 
> concerts?

Partly. I'm also teaching (piano, jazz combo, bigband, improvisation and 
theory). But I'm trying to play as much as possible, everything from 
jazz, pop, rock and electronic.

> Did you leave The Netherlands? You studied on the conservatorium in The 
> Hague right?

Yes, I studied there from 99-03. Since then I've been back in Denmark.

> What kind of software did/do you use?

"holdepkt" is my old FLOSS setup, zynaddsubfx, specimen, ardour, 
ghostess, pd, phasex, stuff like that

"I ly af Dig" and "still hvisken" is done energyXT2, a commercial, 
closed source, linux native DAW.

As mentioned in my original post I use ChucK live (for this project). 
I've build a live environment, that does what I need, and it works well. 
Reconstructing a tune in it is rather time consuming, though, but that's 
partly because I try to build alot of algothitmic composition and random 
choices into the music. Also I can control the music in general terms 
like "dynamic", "activity", "range", "note length" etc from my BCR2000 
which takes time to program.

> Btw. are there any oppertunities for open source software to use by 
> students on the conservatoriums? Lilypond, Ardour, is the quality good 
> enough in your opinion? They all use Sibelius and ProTools right?

Ardour and Lilypond (and lot's of other opensource projects) are of 
excelent quality. There were some people using opensource stuff at the 
conservatory, but most either are so used to the way their closed source 
stuff works or can't live without the plugins they're used to. The 
regular speach, really.

But firstly things have moved a long way on linux since 03 and secondly 
since I studied in the jazz department (ultra acoustic, bebop 
environment) I didn't mingle too much with the sonology-guys, who would 
be the software geeks of the conservatory). So things might be quite 
different than what I describe.


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