[LAU] Join the Debian Multimedia Team! (to improve the state of Linux audio)

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 07:37:16 EST 2009


Many of the people of the Linux audio community uses Debian or a Debian 
based distro (Ubuntu (Studio), 64Studio, Musix, Sidux, Mepis etc. etc.). 
Most of those distro's uses and rebuild the packages of Debian (unstable).

There are a lot of audio packages build by the Debian Multimedia Team, 
but there are also a lot which are not in Debian yet (and so also not in 
Ubuntu (Studio), Sidux, 64studio etc.)

So there is a need for more people who wants to contribute to the Debian 
Multimedia Team. Again, you don't have to be a plain Debian user to 
contribute or to take advantage of it.  You will help to improve the 
state of Linux audio in general (at least the Debian based distro's and 
their community), which will be good for us all, but also for newbies 
who are not able yet to build all the packages themselves to enjoy all 
the nice things Linux audio has to offer. Also note that it is possible 
to build Debian unstable packages on other distro's then Debian itself 
(search for Pbuilder on the Internet for instance)!

It will also be good for the Linux audio developers and their software. 
It would be more easy to install, use, test and enjoy the software by 
the Linux audio community!

There are a lot of people these day who has an own (PPA) repo. This is 
ok, (and maybe it will be a good thing if the Linux audio developers 
make their packages available as much as possible in a Debian unstable 
repo/package, so it can be used on Debian and it is easy to rebuild it 
for Debian based distro's),
But to bundle forces and to get safe, stable and quality packages, 
joining the Debian Multimedia Team will get much better quality packages 
and you will help far more people then having your solo private repo...

*Why the Debian Multimedia Team? *

1) Because they want to improve Debian for music production!
2) Debian has an flexible, fast and easy package management
3) A lot of people use Debian (based) distro's, Debian itself, Ubuntu 
(Studio), 64studio, Sidux, Mepis etc.
4) You will learn to build quality packages
5) You don't have to become a Debian developer (DD), you can just become 
and stay a package maintainer.

*What can I do?*

1) Build or improve packages for the Debian Multimedia Team. It's 
recommended to maintain packages you use yourself often.
2) Report bugs and wishes
3) Join the Debian multimedia team mailing list: 

*Where can I find more info?*



Existing packages which needs help:

Debian New Maintainers' guide:
http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ (!)


It would be great if you choose one package which you uses a lot and 
maintain it for the Debian Multimedia Team! It would improve the quality 
of Linux audio and it will help the whole community!

Kind regards,


ps. If you like to join, please subscribe to the Debian Multimedia Team 
mailinglist and ask for more information: 

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