[LAU] [ANN] Qtractor 0.4.0 (foxy dryad) released!

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Thu Mar 12 18:54:39 EDT 2009

>  http://www.rncbc.org
>Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of
>the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.
>- Multi-track audio and MIDI sequencing and recording.
>- Developed on pure Qt4 C++ application framework (no Qt3 nor KDE
>- Uses JACK for audio and ALSA sequencer for MIDI as multimedia
>- Traditional multi-track tape recorder control paradigm.
>- Audio file formats support: OGG (via libvorbis), MP3 (via libmad,
>playback only), WAV, FLAC, AIFF and many, many more (via linsndfile).
>- Standard MIDI files support (SMF format 0 and 1).
>- Non-destructive, non-linear editing.
>- Unlimited number of tracks per session/project.
>- Unlimited number of overlapping clips per track.
>- XML encoded session/project description file.
>- Point-and-click, multi-select, drag-and-drop interaction (drag, move,
>drop, cut, copy, paste, delete, split)
>- Unlimited undo/redo.
>- Built-in mixer and monitor controls.
>- Built-in connection patchbay control and persistence (a-la QjackCtl).
>- LADSPA, DSSI and native VST plug-ins support.
>- Unlimited number of plug-ins per track or bus.
>- Plug-in presets, programs and chunk/configurations support.
>- Audio/MIDI clip fade-in/out (linear, quadratic, cubic).
>- Audio/MIDI clip gain/volume, normalize and export.
>- Audio clip time-stretching (WSOLA-like or via librubberband),
>pitch-shifting (also via librubberband) and seamless sample-rate
>conversion (via libsamplerate).
>- Audio/MIDI track export (mix-down, merge).
>- Audio/MIDI metronome bar/beat clicks.
>- Unlimited tempo/time-signature map.
>- MIDI clip editor (matrix/piano roll).
>- MIDI instrument definitions (a-la Cakewalk(tm))
>- JACK transport sync master.
>- MMC control surface enabled.
>- MIDI Song Position cueuing support.
>- Configurable keyboard shortcuts.
>- MIDI (re)connections fix; now caring for the ALSA client and port
>textual names only, avoiding as much as possible, any reliance on those
>volatile client and port numbers.
>- Transport/Backward and Forward commands may now reset to immediate
>full start or end of session locations, by just pressing the Shift or
>Ctrl keyboard modifiers and clicking their respective toolbar buttons.
>- Default session/MIDI resolution has been set to 960 ticks per beat
>(960 TPQN, where a beat equals a quarter-note); it is worth of note that
>the previous default resolution was set to one order of maginute lower,
>ie. 96 TPQN ;).
>- Making (dis)connections now also flags session as dirty.
>- Internal Audio/MIDI engines queue/time drift correction takes a brand
>new approach, specially adapted to rolling tempo/time-siganture changes.
>- MIDI monitor refresh-cycle slight internal optimization.
>- Converted obsolete QMessageBox forms to standard buttons.
>- Transport/Rewind and Fast-forward commands may now be set to
>double-speed, by pressing the Shift or Ctrl modifiers while clicking
>their respective tool buttons.
>- MIDI clip editor zoom ratios are now saved and preserved across sessions.
>- Time-signature is now directly accessible from the main tempo spin-box
>which also reflects current tempo status.
>- Time/frame spin-boxes now allow to step change each field
>individually, depending on the cursor beam position.
>- Make sure that Transport/Follow playhead option is only effective when
>playback is actually rolling.
>- Primordial attempt to include MIDI Song Position Pointer (SPP), Song
>Start, Stop and Continue sequencing support.
>- A completely new time-scale infrastructure is now in place, with full
>support for session tempo and time-signature map; this long due feature
>is primarily accessible through the main menu, View/Tempo Map...; also
>by double-clicking on the the main window and MIDI clip editor time
>rulers and left-clicking on the main toolbar tempo/signature spin-box.
>- Moving and resizing individual clips now cares for track proper
>ordering and overlapping changes, avoiding nasty out of sequence clips
>and other unpredictable effects.
>- An expedite MIDI clip quantize command is now available from the main
>track view menu (Edit/Clip/Quantize), which simply applies the current
>snap-to-beat setting to a MIDI clip range selection.
>- Fixed that hideous bug affecting overlapped audio clips when playhead
>gets moved backward, causing the playback of those audio clips in
>particular, go out of sync.
>- Tracks are now limited to their minimum height, specially effective in
>face of vertical zooming.
>- Zoom mode option introduced (on menu View/Zoom/Horizontal, Vertical, All).
>- Tempo beat type is a new session property; however it is not yet user
>modifiable and currently disabled to default MIDI quarter note (1/4).
>- All open MIDI clip editor time-scales are now updated and corrected
>when the main session time base changes (tempo, time-signature,
>resolution, etc.)
>- MIDI metronome fixed, preventing duplicate click events.
>- MP3 audio file decoding was broken for way too long and falling short
>for every file with custom frames, ID3 tags and comments. Got shamefully
>- Time signature denominator (ie. beat divisor) is now an accessible and
>effective session property.
>- Attempt to retain original size (clip length) of all audio clips when
>changing the global session tempo and automatic time-stretching is not
>an option.

Hi Rui, 

This is excellent news. One question I have for you, is do you have plans to
enable sync via MIDI clock (and SPP) to an external source? 

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