[LAU] controlling xruns in a VM

frank pirrone frankpirrone at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 16:13:07 EDT 2009

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 8:42 PM, frank pirrone <frankpirrone at gmail.com 
> <mailto:frankpirrone at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I'm working on a Parallels VM running on my MacBookPro to give a Linux
>     audio demonstration to ouI'm working on a Parallels VM running on my
>     MacBookPro to give a Linux audio demonstration to our local LUG
>     and seem
>     to be getting the best performance from Fedora 10 extended with CCRMA.
>     Tried ArtistX, Ubuntu Studio, JAD, and Musix too, and just upgraded to
>     Parallels 4.0 with significant improvement in functionality and
>     performance, but that was after setting up Fedora 10 and deleting the
>     others so I don't know if any of them would leapfrog and wind up in a
>     better position than they occupied under Parallels 3.0.
>     Anyway, if any MacBook or other OS X user has found an optimal
>     configuration for running Linux audio in a Parallels VM (and I know
>     that's not how you'd do critical audio work), I'd appreciate any tips
>     you might pass my way.  Currently, I'm using built-in input and output
>     set in OS X's preferences and for the VM, and in jack 1024
>     frames/period
>     with 4 periods/buffer in RT.
>     Folks at this WNYLUG (wnylug.org <http://wnylug.org>) here in
>     Western New York are quite
>     interested in  virtualization technology as well as audio work so I'd
>     like to be able to give them a good look at both.
> I'd go a little further than Lee did. This is a *crazy* way to demo 
> "linux audio" to anyone.
> Either demo JACK to them, natively on OS X, or demo Linux & JACK. 
> Nobody who actually cares about
> this stuff is going to run in a VM, so the demo is pretty meaningless 
> in terms of showing people "what can be done".
> (current) VM's are great for software that isn't locked into an 
> intimate relationship with actual hardware. its far from clear when 
> (if ever) they will be suitable for something like JACK which locked 
> into a very intimate relationship with the audio h/w.
Sure, Paul, I understand all that but this was going to be just a small 
piece of a larger demo to a mixed group of  new users and folks who more 
work with Linux than use it for recreation, and if I could get 
everything working in a representative way within the VM that is to be 
the centerpiece of the presentation it would be my preference. 

With the exception of two members, this group is not involved with and 
probably not interested in music production.  If anyone was interested 
in details of functionality and actual performance, I'd schlep my SMP 
workstation in and knock their socks off.


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