[LAU] Web-based Notation

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 19:23:10 EDT 2009

Justin Smith wrote:
> For dense / polyrythmic / nonrythmic stuff, automatically generated
> notation is going to be extremely unhelpful. Unless there have been
> huge improvements in midi to score AI, the results are just going to
> be messy.
> Think about how much work the program would have to do, figuring out
> if you are playing shorter notes, of if the tempo is increasing,
> whether you just changed key signitures or are throwing in a bunch of
> accidentals, etc. etc. Just like with image recognition, there are
> many things that are immediately obvious to a human listener that
> computers historically have much trouble with.
> _______________________________________________
Well I have warned him about this but he seems to want to go ahead with 
it anyway. His problem is as I've said he's self taught and doesn't 
really like that way of working - I.e. composing stuff as score first 
and then playing it - he prefers to do it all by ear, and the music he 
plays is mostly improvised from session to session. He's managed fine so 
far like this, but is finding that to get work and to work with other 
musicians he needs to be able to write notation.

I did warn him at the start that the kind of notation produced by a 
program wouldn't really represent his music properly, but even if he 
just used it as a way of learning to write notation himself, it would 
still be a help to him I think.


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